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After School Program

Danielle Tillman  Site Coordinator
Cathy Vides - Assistant Site Coordinator

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  • This month in After-School our knight scholars will be exploring their reading and writing abilities through different enrichments that focuses on literacy. The students will have the opportunity to learn of the importance of reading and how it impacts their daily skill set in different studies in education. The students will also be able to celebrate reading through socials and recognition of famous writers.


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    As the season for Spring is near, let the reading begin! As we all know that “Reading Across America” is celebrated all over the world in March, we want to educate our students that March is full of various National holidays. During the first week of March “ Letter of Appreciation Week” embarks on people acknowledging others and sharing words of kindness and appreciation of them. The Students will also take part in this act of kindness March 3rd -March 9th. As the month moves along our Elementary Scholars will be paying tribute to Dr. Seuss this month with reading from his extraordinary book series and have a Dr. Seuss birthday social that joins “The Green Eggs & Ham” theme on March 15th, 2019 @4:30p.m.


    Club Schedule:

    Monday & Wednesday

    Tk/Kinder: Spanish Club

    1st grade: Arts’n’ Craft

    2nd grade: Sign Language

    3rd grade: Astro World

    4th grade: Theatre

    5th-A grade: Science Club

    5th-B grade: Jewelry Club


    Tuesday Thursday

     Tk/Kinder: Jedi Academy  

    1st grade: Sing-A- Long

    2nd grade: Educational Learning

    3rd grade: Young Influencers

    4th grade: Theatre

    5th-A grade: Basketball

    5th-B grade: Dance


    View Park Prep Middle Charter School


    Were so proud and elated that our Middle School Students are willing to participate this month in the many activities we have planned for them. We couldn’t have picked a better theme than “The Literacy Lounge”. We want the scholars to experience reading through advance literature styles. The Students will all gather Friday March 8th, 2019 to share writing styles, novels and poetry at their Bite & Books Poetry Social followed with a RockWall. This month we also want to challenge the students to build relationships and be advocates to younger students by reading to the Kindergarten- 2nd grade students in our “READ OUT LOUD” event March 13th, 2019 during Elementary homework rotation. Finally to end the month ,our scholars will participate in watching an empowering movie titled” freedom Writers”. We hope the message of this movie will resonate well with students and encourage them to discipline themselves to enhancing their education.


    Club Schedule:

    Monday & Wednesday

    6th-A: Art  Club

    6th-B: DIY

    7th-A: Football

    7th-B: Volleyball

    8thgrade: Bittman


    Tuesday Thursday

     6th-A: Cooking

    6th-B: The Lounge

    7th-A: Chess

    7th-B: The Den

    8thgrade: Gaming